New England, USA - September 2013

New England, USA – September 2013

Our 2013 fall trip this year was new england, a place that Mayne’s never real spent time in (apart from NYC) and that Elisa has only spent a little time in.  So we were both excited!  The timing was with the intent to see as many of the famous fall foliage colors as possible, but we were a few weeks early apparently.

Our itinerary started in Portland, ME, where we checked out the harbor/old city and then rented a car.  We drove to Acadia national park where we camped for two nights, hit up all the touristy shops in Bar Harbor, and then drove all the way down to Boston.  Had an awesome couple of days there before moving to Providence, RI for two more nights.  From there we did a daytrip to Newport and experienced a bit of how the old school elite lived.

Overall weather was good but unfortunately rainy in Maine.  Food was decent but sights and history was excellent.  We both really enjoyed Boston for all the greenery, hip restaurants and traveling ease to the rest of new england.  I suppose the traffic would be annoying and cost of living is really high, but I could see myself living there.